Georgia Florey-Evans

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Living in Shadow

Beau Harding is a  man with shattered faith and secrets he can’t share. To remain in one place too long puts him in grave danger.

Haley Johnson has no family of her own, but many residents of Shadow have taken her under their wings. She can’t imagine moving anywhere else, and she definitely won’t do anything unless she feels like God wants her to.

When they meet, neither understand why they’re drawn to the other. Beau is certainly not the man Haley asked for, is he? And, he can’t become involved in a romance without putting her in more danger than he. Because someone wants to hurt Beau, and what would be a better way than making him watch the woman he loves suffer?

Danger has come to Shadow. Somebody wants to get Beau’s attention. When vandalism becomes murder, he is not leaving. At least, not until he knows his new friends and the woman he loves are safe. He’ll give anything for her–even his life.
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Check out Luke and Holly’s story in the first of this exciting Christian romantic suspense! bkgrd



A reunion, a stalker, and a vengeful man—what’s a woman to do? If that woman is Holly Morris, she relies on her faith, friends, and a dog named Clarence.

After six years of peace, Holly’s college stalker has returned with a vengeance. If she doesn’t remember she belongs to him, somebody is going to be hurt. To add to her fun life, the man she helps turn in for child abuse blames her for everything, and he’s going to get even–threatening to “finish her off.” With a reunion of students who barely looked at chubby girl, Holly Morris, coming up, she’s about at the end of her rope. It’s a good thing the Lord has provided a support system to keep her from falling.

Luke Walker has loved Holly as long as he can remember. He protected her from bullies in school, and he’ll protect her from the monsters after her now–even while dealing with threats and vandalism on his farm. Nobody is going to scare him away from Holly. When he lets his beloved Heinz 57 dog, Clarence, spend nights as her watchdog, everybody feels better. The amiable giant has always gone into killer mode when he thought anyone was too close to Holly.

Join Holly and Luke as they discover the depth of friendship and love…and that God’s love is stronger than any evil.