Georgia Florey-Evans

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those morgans 1


I am excited to announce my brand new Romantic Comedy series. (with a touch of inspiration thrown in)

Something I want my readers to know about this book–My dad passed away earlier this year. He was my biggest fan and, even though he called them “chick” books, he read every single one of them. Two contemporary love series’ and the In Shadow Christian romantic suspense trilogy–and he loved them. While working on my next Christian romantic suspense book, I kept procrastinating. Oh, I researched to the point that if I wanted to start a cult, I might just be able to. (Don’t worry–I would NEVER do that.)

When it came to actually writing, I just couldn’t do it. I have no idea why, because he really enjoyed that genre. Then, I was using a jump drive and found the Morgans series. When I began reading through the manuscripts, I found myself laughing and my heart felt lighter. So, I sat down with the first one and overhauled it…and overhauled it. But, readers, I wrote. And, suddenly the door that had gotten closed when Dad passed away was wide open again.

My hope is that you enjoy this book and have a few laughs along the way.