About Me

“You can’t stay in your corner of the forest, waiting for others to come to you; you have to go to them sometimes.Piglet,   Pooh’s Little Instruction Book.

That’s me – Georgia Evans – trying to stay in my corner of the world. Instead, an open door has presented itself – writing. My words allow me to come to you.

So, who am I? First of all, I’m God’s child, trying to walk on the path he has led me to, and hoping he’s proud. Secondly, I’m a wife of thirty-six years, mother of three adult children, and grandmother of the six most incredible people in the world. God has blessed me with a large extended family.

Below is a collage which hangs on our living room wall, and is one of my favorites. I had to add our youngest since he wasn’t here yet.

grandkids with jace

If you don’t find me in front of the monitor or with a mechanical pencil (couldn’t live without them) and paper, you’ll most likely find me either reading or watching television. You won’t find me walking, because you won’t know where to look.

My taste in reading is very eclectic and ranges from Christian suspense through classic science fiction. I should chart my reading choices sometime, because there may be a pattern by which world events happen. She’s reading those Stephen King books again–aha! That explains the massive development of rabid clowns coming back to life and riding around in driver-less cars. Yes. I proudly admit that I have been known to read Stephen King-during natural daylight or surrounded by every lamp in the house.  I’m more likely to pick up a Mary Connealy, Carolyn Zane, or Brandilynn Collins, though.

When it comes to television, it seems I am determined to scare myself half to death. Just as Devin Gage in my Extended Family series, I rarely miss an episode (even reruns) of Dateline. And those networks with real life murder mysteries or whodunnits have so many shows set to DVR, my husband finally gave up and resorted to watching ballgames in his office.  It’s probably no coincidence that I also never miss NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, NCIS New Orleans, CSI CyberCrimes, Criminal Minds…do you see a theme?

Oddly, when I choose a movie, I prefer light-hearted romantic comedies or action adventures. This is very embarrassing to admit, but after I ran out of grandchildren to take (my oldest went twice), I went by myself to see the first Avengers movie a total of (I’m blushing) 8 times. The last time I went, the manager gave me free admission and even threw in the popcorn and soda–called it a “frequent watcher” bonus. He still grins at me when we go. (By the way, my husband limited me to only 3 viewings of the new Avengers. And I think he’s suspicious about my new Thor shirt.)

Music is a big part of my life. I wrote and had recorded the “wedding song” for Devin and Melanie in Making Memories. And, when Melanie remembers playing her guitar and singing, that was actually my memory. We didn’t win a prize because there weren’t any, but it was a lot of fun. And, I’ve sung at church several times, as well as weddings. Now, before you get excited and message me with the request to sing at your daughter’s wedding, I should tell you–the last one I accompanied myself at, the groom changed the song the night before the wedding. Which meant I had to use printed music. Which, just as though two invisible hands were there, folded shut right in the middle of the first chorus. I then had 2 choices: Fake it and produce something that would probably have rivaled a sick cow’s declaration of undying love to her dream bull; or stop cold, open the music and resume the song. (I couldn’t do what I really wanted. My soon-to-be sister-in-law would have tackled me before I made it to the doors since it was my brother’s wedding.) Anyway, I’m sure you know what I did. (And it’s not my fault the Comstock’s bull charged the church. Who has a pasture that close to a house of worship, anyway?)

I hope you enjoy my quirky (several other adjectives have been used) sense of humor, because I like to laugh.

Here’s hoping for a long relationship.


Oops. Almost forgot. I’m not above flashing a little skin to gain attention. Here’s a picture of me in a swimsuit.

swimsuit pic

Just add a little hair and few more rolls-forget height.