Extended Family Series

Meet the Bates and Gage families, good friends and neighbors for years. Romance begins with Melanie Bates and Devin Gage, born exactly three months apart, and joined at the hip ever since. As these loving, honorable, small-town people meet new people and make new friends, discover along with them that family isn’t defined by blood and birth. Each family will grow in ways they never expected. Come along with them as they experience love, joy, pain, heartache, tragedy, redemption…as they experience life–in their extended family.


Hearts for Ransom Series

Welcome to Ransom, Indiana, a community with a ton of heart and the state champion men’s fast-pitch softball team. The Slammers are ordinary men – construction workers, a hardware store owner, and even a couple of lawyers. When they are forced into a mentoring program for troubled teens, their lives are changed in ways they never imagined. They might manage to stir up some romance, too, if the women they’re after can’t outrun them. And everyone knows – ballplayers are fast.