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Whether best friends find love, or an entire family is dropped in front of a lonely man’s auto-repair shop, you’ll find laughter, tears, anger, and joy in this series. Families are held together by faith, commitment, and love, which the Gage and Bates families are well aware of. Come along with them as they open their hearts and homes to people they “absorb,” as Melanie Bates Gage laughingly puts it in Book #4, Breakdown Here.

Book 1

Making Memories

Devin & Melanie

new making memories coverMelanie Bates was born exactly three months after Devin Gage, and they’ve been best friends since. After seventeen years of being inseparable, beautiful and wealthy Roxie Newcomb steals Devin’s heart and changes everything. So, now after going their own ways and having graduated from colleges clear across the state, why on earth is Devin at Melanie’s door telling her it’s time to leave. It’s true they planned a vacation, but Melanie just kissed that dream goodbye along with their close relationship. Best friends reunite–and disaster ensues. Because Melanie discovers time has only made her feelings stronger; she’s in love with Devin. His demeanor and reaction to frequent hang-ups confuse her, and she figures it’s his guilt keeping him from talking about his upcoming wedding. Will Melanie end up with a broken heart, or will she discover things aren’t always as they seem?

Travel to beautiful North Carolina and visit Andy Griffith’s Mayberry, Mount Airy, before you journey on to Myrtle Beach. There, you’ll meet twins who could be Mel’s Malibu Ken doll come to life and a young lady with Devin in her sights. Have fun while you go along as Devin and Melanie are Making Memories.

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Book 2

Permanent Position

Sam & Tami

Permanent positionSam Wexler has used women for pleasure since turning seventeen, but after meeting Devin Gage and Melanie Bates, he sees things differently.  He’s determined to find a woman who will look at him like Melanie does Devin, and maybe he already knows who she is. Only the prospective “forever girl” Sam is interested in is young and innocent–something he’s not. Will she accept and believe the new man he’s become?

Tami Bates left her college boyfriend with his high-gear hands behind and is happy to be home with her family. But, then the man for whom she’s harbored a year-long secret crush shows up. Even if he settled down, an experienced man like him would never be interested in small-town virgin, Tami. Or would he?

Tossing caution to the wind, Tami gives her heart to Sam. When lack of trust and a misunderstanding lead her into a woman’s worst nightmare, Sam promises to help her through and always be with her. Will he keep his promise or cut and run? How serious is Sam about Tami filling that Permanent Position?

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*While not gratuitously graphic, date rape is depicted in this book. Thanks to consultation with state and local police, as well as health officials, the scene and its effects are as accurately described as possible. Suggested reading age of seventeen without parental guidance.




Book 3

Because of Bob

Randy & Shelby

Bob coverWhat’s in a name?
A ton of insanity and mayhem, as far as Shelby Stone and Randy Wexler are concerned. It seems wherever there’s a “Bob,” a disaster is just around the corner. From running out of gas in the middle of nowhere to persnickety horses determined to blaze a new trail, the couple will face it all. And, to top it off – they can barely stand each other.

All Shelby has wanted to do since she met Randy was avoid him. And since Randy has no desire to spend time with a woman who seems immune to his legendary charms, he certainly isn’t going to pursue her. So, no problem, right?
Wrong. Thanks to an unreliable GPS named Bob, the pair are thrown into situations they can’t believe. Will dealing with problems draw them closer – maybe even fall in love? Or will one of them murder the other?
Whatever happens, they both know it will be Because of Bob.

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Book 4

Breakdown Here

Sam & Molly

Breakdown Here coverSixty hours of work, one spent in church, and maybe a meal or two with his parents or brothers and their wives…that is a typical week of Ben Gage’s life. He doesn’t have time or the inclination for romance, and even if he did, there simply is nobody around who interests him. Until the night a feisty red-head and freckle-faced boy end up at his garage, in a car with more problems than most junkyard heaps. In exchange for repair work, Ben finds himself with a much-needed office manager and a precocious little boy tagging after “Big Ben.”

Since losing her husband to cancer, Molly Watson and her son have been alone. Tired of trying to make ends meet in the big city, she’s determined to relocate them to a more affordable environment, where her little boy won’t do without so many things other children take for granted. Barton City is a temporary stop in their trip—just until she gets her car fixed and paid for. With her heart still devoted to her late husband, she certainly has no thoughts of a romance.

Too bad nobody told three-year-old Nick. He quickly grows attached to Big Ben and all these other people who love him. It may not be as easy as Molly thinks to pull up stakes and relocate—not without breaking her son’s heart…or hers. It seems Ben Gage has found his way past walls to a certain widow’s heart. Can she bear the risk of losing a man she loves again, though? Will it be a problem or blessing that Molly had a “breakdown here?”

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