Hearts for Ransom

Book 1

Counting On It

Logan & Emily

coi smallEmily Scott is having a lousy summer. It’s not enough that she’s stuck supervising a campground while her parents spend the summer on a yacht. Now, she has to help manage nine troubled teenagers. Oh, and lest she forget–the man who made her life miserable all the way through school will serve as a “big brother.” Only, when she sees his heart open to the nearly destitute teen he’s been assigned, the sparks flying are no longer from anger. In fact, the bane of her existence is stealing her heart.

Logan Taylor is being blackmailed. The sponsor of his softball team wants publicity, and a romance between the hard-working construction owner and nurse covering for her parents is just the ticket. Logan will make sure the photographer gets plenty of poses, or the team will lose their backing. And, it won’t matter that his feelings for Emily are very real when she finds out the truth. Because in her eyes, he’ll have played the worst trick of all.

Always having had to fight for what he wants, Logan isn’t one to give up easily. So, when tragedy brings with it a second chance, he’s not about to waste it. He isn’t just hoping to win back Emily’s heart; he’s Counting On It.

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Book 2

Just Practicing

Bo & Jan

just practicing

Can a marriage based on shared love for a child last?

Jan Sellers is raising a nephew she didn’t know existed until a year ago. Bo Daniels couldn’t stop being his “big brother” after the two-week mentoring program ended.
Even though neither of them figured on parenting a thirteen-year-old while in their early twenties, they’re doing fine. They created a loving and safe environment for the boy who knew nothing but mental and physical abuse for the first twelve years of his life. Hodgepodge though it may be, they have a family of sorts.
So, when Jan’s four-years-sober mom shows up, determined to make amends—starting with taking the responsibility for a teenager off her young daughter’s shoulders, Jan panics. She goes to the one person who loves Seth as much as she does.
Bo will do whatever it takes to keep Seth with his aunt—even marry her. Are these two young adults in this for the long run, or are they Just Practicing?

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Book 3

Believe Me

Mason & Claire

believe me new cover

What happens when a womanizing bachelor is determined to become a man his daughter can be proud of?

Mason Wright has always been the biggest player—and not on the diamond—of the Slammers fast-pitch softball team. Now, he’s a father, determined to be the man his daughter deserves, if only her mother will let him.

Claire Hadley was hurt badly by her son Spencer’s father, and swore to never let another man take advantage of her. But after a little too much to drink and a kiss that should never have happened, she ends up in bed with “Love ‘Em and Leave “Em” Wright. She may despise the man, but she treasures the baby girl he gave her. Now, she’s worrying about her reputation, but more importantly, what her son’s reaction will be when he realizes his baby sister is the spitting image of his “big brother.”

Can Mason change, and if he does, will anybody ever accept him? He’ll do all he can to convince Claire he’s a new man, with new priorities and morals. And he’ll be a good dad to both of her children, if she’ll trust him. If she’ll listen when he asks her to Believe Me.