Georgia A. Evans Contemporary Romance

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    Sam Wexler has lived his life as a womanizer, enjoying one, then tossing her aside. Tami Bates is a country girl with strong morals. So, what happens when they fall in love? Can people change? Rated "R" for date rape
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    Randy Wexler has watched his identical twin fall in love with a woman and change his life. Nobody is going to make him give up his string of women. Shelby Stone despises men like Randy, especially since she thought they were developing a relationship...until a woman answered his phone for a late-night call. Thanks to a unreliable GPS named Bob, they end up lost in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Will their constant bickering lead to love...or homicide?
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    Ben Gage has run his own garage since he graduated, and he is up to his ears in customers. That's always seemed enough until Molly Watson and her son, Nick, pull up late at night in a clunker. Stuck in the small town of Barton City, Molly sees her son with people who love them like family. After Ben confesses his feelings for her, she is torn. Is there a reason for Molly and Nick to make this their home, or should she hunt more?
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    Born within a month of each other, growing up together, and promising a special trip when they grew up. During their college years, they've grown apart. So, why is Devin Gage at Melanie Bates' door, telling her it's time to go? Will his fiancee ruin their friendship? Or are some things meant to be?

The Extended Family books are about people discovering blood isn’t what makes a family. You’ll meet womanizing twins, aggravated women, and fighting…and love.


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    Counting on It Hearts for Ransom Book 1
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In the Hearts for Ransom series, you’ll meet a rough-and-ready ball team located in the fictional town of Ransom, Indiana. These men aren’t as bad as the women in their lives sometimes believe. After all, they are in a group modeled after the Big Brothers organization. Romance, humor, responsibility, and true to their hearts.